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Specializing in tactical, absolute-return, non-constrained, low beta, conservatively-managed portfolios as well as diversified, income-producing portfolios 


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Cornerstone Asset Management Services, Inc. (CAMS) is a boutique third-party money manager and registered investment advisor located in Cleveland, OH. CAMS offers risk-based model portfolios, financial advisory services, investment advisory services and investment management services to individuals, institutions and retirement plan sponsors & their participants across the country on a number of different platforms.


CAMS stands apart in a world dominated by large firms offering proprietary products and cookie-cutter solutions. We are focused on one thing: creating and managing wealth to grow investors’ assets through the thoughtful and prudent management of their portfolio.

Cornerstone Asset Management Services, Inc.
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Cornerstone Asset Management Services, Inc.
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Cornerstone Asset Management Services, Inc. Management Team
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Cornerstone Asset Management & Kruger Consulting
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Main Office:

1000 W. Wallings Rd. Suite D

Broadview Hts, OH  44147

P: (440) 746-0707

F: (440) 746-1604

TF: (877) 514-9477

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