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CAMS Cannabis + Portfolio

Fact Sheet
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MJ - ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF - July 2023
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CAMS Cannabis+ Portfolio - July 2023
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A tactically managed, thematic equity portfolio focused on the Cannabis Industry and it's related sub-industries

Investing in cannabis stocks cannot be done with a blanket.

It requires a disciplined, research-based approach to produce results. Our research team brings this discipline to the cannabis industry and it's related sub-industries.  

Our approach considers cannabis producers, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies as well as the cannabis supply chain and ancillary companies, often referred to as pick & shovel companies.  This refers back to the gold rush where more often than not, the ones who 'struck it rich' where those selling picks and shovels to the miners, not the miners themselves.


Cannabis-Related Industry Sectors

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  • Companies developing and/or researching cannabis-based therapeutics and medicines


  • Medical cannabis growers, cultivators, and producers


  • Companies providing consulting, management, marketing and/or financing services to the cannabis industry


  • Manufacturers of equipment, packaging or growing facilities used by the cannabis industry


  • Producers and manufacturers of hemp- or cannabis-based products, such as nutraceuticals, fibers, fabrics, and/or vaporization products

Real Estate

  • Companies that acquire, lease, develop real estate properties, and/or growing facilities to the cannabis industry


  • Companies developing cannabis breathalyzers, and/or providing software and technology solutions to the cannabis industry

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