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Rollover Center

Rollovers can be a very tricky and very important process!  Our in-house rollover specialists are available to assist with your retirement plan rollover to make the process as simple as possible.


  1. The first step in that process is to setup an initial consultation to discuss what your options are.  Please use the link below to schedule time with one of our specialists at your convenience: 

  2. Schedule a meeting right from your computer or mobile device:

  3. After that initial consultation you will receive an electronic account agreement to sign via DocuSign and a welcome kit with any remaining documentation to be completed. Return completed documents to Cornerstone for processing.

  4. A rollover specialist will then work with you on any remaining steps to get your rollover processed which may include conference calls with your old employer's retirement plan custodian or additional paperwork. any time during the process, you can always reach out and talk with us directly to ask questions. Simply call our toll-free phone number (877) 514-9477!

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