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Does it matter if I have a $200 tie?

I read an article this morning that I thought was interesting.  You can read the original here: How Male Advisors Should Dress to Win Clients.

I’m typically a pretty low-key, casual advisor, especially when I’m just scheduled to be in or around the office.  If I have a nice pair of jeans on and dress shirt – that’s probably typical office attire for me. Of course, if I’m scheduled to meet a client, a new prospect, or speak at an event, representing my company – I’ll dress it up with a suit – depending on the occasion, maybe even a tie.

But, this article suggests I should go spend a few thousand dollars on custom suits, french-cuff shirts and ties…not to mention the shoes! If that’s not who I am, why would I want to represent myself like that to a client or prospect? I feel a client who knows and ‘gets’ me – will be a better fit as a long-term client than someone who’s relationship is started off on presumptions.

It reminds me of my wirehouse days (no names, please) when we had a new branch manager come in and ‘recommend’ that we should all wear a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie every day and no way should we have square-toe shoes on! I looked down at myself that day, wearing a black suit, burgundy shirt and tie and black square-toe shoes…who was he talking to!?!?

I’ve been an independent advisor and small business owner ever since. I guess I found myself and my niche.

Make it a great day.


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